Manage your Baby Sleep during Travelling with these Tips

Travelling for long distances during vacations with your baby or toddler throws challenges your way, of adjusting your baby’s sleep timings to her normal sleep pattern.

This will not be much of a trouble if you just make a few preparations beforehand. Follow these tips to help you to manage the sleep time of your baby during long distance travel.

baby sleep during travelling

The Right Packing

Pack a few of your baby’s belongings that are associated with her sleep time ritual. This could be the pyjamas she sleeps in, preferably unwashed from the night before, or her bedclothes. You could also pack in her favourite teddy or soft toy and that lullaby CD you always play for her at bedtime.

When your baby sees and smells the familiar things that she has access to at home, she will settle down into a more relaxed and undisturbed sleep.

Try to manage the Usual Schedule

Keep as close to following the normal schedule of your baby’s sleep time as possible. Try to put your baby off to sleep at roughly the same time as he or she is used to at home. Surround her with her familiar things and create an environment that will help her sleep.

In the morning too, make sure that you are waking her up at the same time that she is used to. You may face a challenge in case you are travelling across countries with a time difference. However, if the difference in time zones is not too much then do not worry about making allowances for jet lag for your baby.

At the most your baby might be sleeping 2 hours early or late and waking up two hours later or earlier as the case may be.

Correct Meal Times

Take care of meal times too. You may, as an adult, be able to adjust to changed patterns of meal time. But, your baby is too small to be able to do so in a short time. Therefore a changed pattern of meal times may have an adverse bearing on your baby’s sleep time as well. Therefore feed your baby at almost the same time as you do at home.

Preparing in advance could also amount to making your baby prepared for the changes in her sleep schedules that are foreseen. If your baby is used to sleeping in a quiet place but you foresee an outing to a noisier place, maybe you could help your baby adjust by allowing some noise around her at her sleeping time.

You could also help her adjust by letting her sleep for a few days in her crib that you would be taking with you on your travel.

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