Know about Various Baby Sleep Problems

Babies are the most gentle creatures on the planet and hence it is important to take care of them in the best way possible. Since babies can’t speak to express their problems, parents and others have to be very careful about observing what babies might be feeling or experiencing.  A lot of babies experience difficulty in sleeping and this can be an indication or a sleep disorder or baby sleep problem.

The two most major causes of sleep problems in babies include parasomnias and behavioral problems.  The sleep problems are very common in babies but must be cured or treated as soon as they are spotted. The following are some of the main types of baby sleep issues:

know about various baby sleep problemsParasomnias

This is the most common sleep problem among babies and is mostly characterized by abnormal polysomnography.  This sleep issue may be episodic in nature and results due to the immature central nervous system.  Sometimes, this particular sleep disorder is also passed through to the child due to the genes and this particular disorder is paroxysmal in nature.  This means that this disorder is predictable in its appearance in the sleep cycle, characterized by retrograde amnesia and is also nonresponsive to environmental manipulation. If this problem occurs in the case of your baby, then you might want to see a doctor and ask for a proper guided help method.

Insufficient Breathing During Sleep

Another sleeping problem which babies might experience is the insufficient breathing while sleeping.  This particular problem is serious as it can also lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SID. Often, babies find it difficult to breathe when they are made to lie down or sleep and due to this, they may not be able to fall asleep, thus resulting in crankiness, crying and discomfort all night. For this, you might need to place a pillow under the neck and head of the baby so as to elevate him a little bit. This will help with the breathing.

Sleep Regression

Sometimes, around the time when the baby turns 4 month’s old, he/she may experience a sleep problem called sleep regression. In this, even the good sleepers can turn ‘bad’ and may find it difficult to fall asleep during the night.  he/she may not sleep for too long, wake up often and cry after waking up for long periods of time.  this happens because babies do not fall into deep sleep but become light sleepers for a few days or weeks.


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