Is Your Infant Sleeps Less? It Can Be A Sign Of Obesity!

Infants who get less than 9 hours of sleep a night are more likely to be obese. Sleep deprivation in kids can increase the body fat by 3 percent.

Research confirmed that, children’s sleep patterns vary by season and day. According to the research, mostly children sleep less hours in the summer and on weekends.

Less sleep can cause obesity and increased body fat and also correlate with more emotional volatility. This effect was independent of physical activities or television watching.

Infant Sleeps LessThe researchers confirmed that sleep restrictions can lead to hormonal changes in the child’s stomach and also in the fat cells that trigger increased appetite.

So, proper attention to your infant sleep habits can decrease the risk of obesity. You need to carefully consider your child’s height, weight, BMI and also body fat levels.

Infants who get less than nine hours of sleep were 3.3 times more likely to become obese and also have 3.3 percent excess body fat.

To know how less sleep affects your infant and what suggestions you need to consider for your child’s safety, visit the below link:


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