Setting Up an Infant Sleep Schedule

The best thing that you can do for your newborn is to set up an infant sleep schedule. This will help to make sure that your baby is getting enough rest, so is in full health. However, before you start setting up a schedule, you will need to understand more about the needs of a baby between zero and three months old.

Infant Sleep Schedule

How Much Sleep Should a Baby Get?

Up to three months old, babies will typically sleep between 12 to 15 hours every day – this includes napping too. As a child get to three months, he or she will start to develop a pattern and will usually be able to sleep through the night.

There is no need to impose a strict infant sleep schedule right away and there are chances that your baby will develop one his or herself.

However, you may want to help with the development of a pattern that fits your family life – this will help you and your partner get enough sleep and will also help with the daily routine.

However, something that you really need to remember is that every baby is unique. While you may read about the development of a sleeping pattern for babies, you will also need to consider just what your baby is like and the type of environment you are in.

Helping to Sleep Through the Night

It is not until around three months when infants will start sleeping through the night. Before then, you will need to get up during the night to feed your baby. Even after the three month period, not all babies will sleep for the full eight hours that you want – you may find that you are surviving on five to six hours.

If you do have an infant sleep schedule that last for most of the night, take the time to enjoy this. However, there are times that you may find the pattern being broken. There are a number of reasons for this and they all link to your baby’s development, whether it is learning how to roll over or realizing that you are not next to him or her.

Setting Up an Infant Sleep Schedule

You will need to set up a time for bed and times for naps and then stick to them. This is the best way to start the pattern and will help your baby learn when it is time to sleep, when playtime is and when it is time to eat. You will usually find that babies sleep by six in the evening.

The trick is to get the schedule so it fits the rest of your family. This will help to get the whole family onto the pattern and will also help everyone wind down for bedtime. You may have to change the schedule slightly at first as you find out what your baby needs – even though you want to get your baby down by six in the evening, some babies will not be able to sleep until eight.

The best way to set up an infant sleep schedule is to develop some type of routine. Bath time just before bed and reading a bedtime story is a great way to set the routine. Doing this every time, will become habit for your baby and eventually it will be natural for the two of you.


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