Are You Tired of Getting Baby to Sleep Through the Night?

Getting baby to sleep through the night may be annoying for tired moms and dads, but it is an essential part of growing up. To prevent waking up 3 or 4 times during the night, you must teach baby to fall asleep on their own. For this it is important to establish a routine for bedtime and this helps getting babies to sleep through the night.

Your baby needs a bedtime bath which can be accompanied with a bottle or nursing session, reading out a story or saying a meaningful goodnight to each of their 50 stuffed toys. Whatever your ritual, it must be soothing and consistent as opposed to being stimulating.

Baby to Sleep

How to put baby to sleep

Use a ‘cuddly’ stuffed animal for getting baby to sleep through the night. It’s likely that your little one has already developed an attachment to one of these. If not, try and create an attachment with a toy or blanket by carrying it around.

It’s easy getting babies to sleep through the night by putting them in the crib when they are still awake. If they are accustomed to falling asleep while still being nursed singing your sweetest lullaby, they will be put out to find that comfort missing when they wake up in the middle of the night.

Try getting baby to sleep through the night by not picking them up from the crib when they wake up at night. Some experts suggest staying in the room to stop baby from panicking from the feeling of desertion, while others recommend getting babies to sleep through the night by speaking softly to them and rubbing them on the back briefly, but without taking them off the crib before leaving again. Work out the approach that works best for the two of you.

You may quickly change diapers, preferring to keep them in the crib itself, and then help them settle down before leaving the room.

Adhering to this routine regularly for 3 or 4 nights should make baby cry a bit less every time, before finally settling them down to a peaceful and long slumber. Some parents try getting baby to sleep through the night by teaching them to suck their thumb or trying out a pacifier. You may even refer to your doctor regarding middle of the night feedings. While some babies will require such feedings, others will need them for mere comfort. This can be one of the ways of getting babies to sleep through the night.

Speak to your doctor to confirm whether you may do without these feedings to help getting baby to sleep through the night. The situation can be helped if you try and add an extra feed during the day. Remember to handle your baby patiently. Every baby is different and they may sleep at night later or earlier than others. Hence, before getting babies to sleep through the night, you should get as much rest as possible and maintain a steady schedule to wake up with a fresh start in the morning.


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