Understanding Ferber Method of Sleep Training for Babies

A lot of parents are thinking about the Ferber method of sleep training for babies.

The main point of this method is to teach children to self soothe when they are emotionally and physically ready. Usually the parents start using it between months 3 and 5.

Ferber Method of Sleep Training for Babies

Information about the sleep training with the Ferber method

According to the method the babies should have a loving and warm bedtime routine. Then you should put the baby in the crib and leave him while he or she is still awake. The periods of time for which you leave the baby have to be gradually increased.

The founder of Ferber’s sleep training method says that it is important for the baby to be awake before you put him or her in the crib. The parents should comfort and pat the baby for a given period of time, but they shouldn’t pick him or her up. This is known as progressive waiting.

The time

The Ferber method of sleep training for babies says that there is a waiting time. This time period depends on how comfortable you are with the method and for how long you’ve been using it. After a few days or a week you should increase the waiting time. The baby will learn that crying will only earn him a short visit.

Facts and fiction

When thinking about the baby’s sleep training with Ferber method a lot of people consider that the parents should leave the baby alone and allow him to cry until he falls asleep. In fact the method says that the parents should spend gradually decreasing amounts of time in the room of the baby.

The Ferber method for baby sleep training says that you shouldn’t stop with the sleep training even if the baby throws up. The method says that a tantrum won’t hurt the baby but rather educate him or her to accept the routine.

Some people think that the Ferber method of sleep training for babies is cruel. You have to understand that the program is not meant to hurt the baby but to help him or her to learn to self soothe.


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