Do You Make These Common Baby Sleep Mistakes?

Parents who want to get baby to sleep can often do the wrong things and create the wrong habits that could actually be counterproductive to restful and regular sleep patterns for baby.

Read on to make sure that you are not making these common baby sleep mistakes that could be a bad idea or even dangerous for the baby:

Not have a bedtime routine: It is a very useful idea to lull baby to sleep by creating a bedtime ritual or routine.

Perhaps a warm soothing bath and then getting into nighttime clothing, followed by some cuddling while looking at a favorite picture book or reading a favorite story can help baby know that this is being done in preparation for bed.

It can be soothing and predictable so that a baby can get used to being lulled to sleep the same way each day. And while it may be that the bedtime routine is not possible to follow at times, make sure that it is followed as far as possible.

Have too elaborate a bed time ritual: Having too elaborated a bedtime routine is also not a good idea. It could actually end up stimulating baby and then exhausting him, making it all the more difficult for him to fall asleep.

It is also a good idea to get baby to learn to sleep in a reasonably noisy environment. If the baby comes to expect that lights should be shut off, and a completely silent environment precede his bedtime, he will get used to this and a habit will be created.

He will then be unable to sleep with the least amount of noise around him so let him get used to being able to sleep with some amount of noise around him.

Too much or the wrong kind of clothing:
Don’t bundle up baby so much that he finds his clothing[baby clothing] to be hot or restrictive. He will have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. Clothing should be snug without being restrictive and should be warm enough while not being too warm.

Crib mistakes: Those cute little soft toys; keep them out of the crib[baby crib]. They could be a choking hazard. The bedding should be comfortable but not too soft.

The bedding should be adequate but not too much; this is a suffocation hazard. Swaddling may be good idea, the baby feels snug and secure; and is not likely to cause any suffocation hazard.

The wrong sleeping position: Always on the back is the rule of thumb for newborns. On the stomach or the side is a no-no.


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