Co-Sleeping? Products You May Like

There is now an increasing movement towards co-sleeping, where parents prefer to have their baby sleep with them on their bed or in a crib or bassinet close by, but in the same room.

Many parents find it is more comforting as well as more convenient to have their child close by. There is however still the apprehension about the safety of baby in the particular circumstances that co sleeping creates, with many feeling that it could add to the risk of SIDS.

Co sleeping could take two forms: a separate bassinet or cot for baby placed close to the parent’s bed or the baby sleeping along with the parents on a family bed.

In the latter case, there is the apprehension that a baby may get smothered by adult bedding or a sleeping parent.

So now there are a number of different co sleeping products that are being developed that help to banish those apprehensions and make co sleeping more comfortable and safe and convenient:

The Snuggle Nest: This is a product that has three rigid walls for where the baby will rest his or her head while sleeping. This offers a safe area for a baby to sleep on an adult bed. The item has a vented cover and tray for better air circulation for baby to breathe.

There is a soft glow night light so that a parent can easily check on baby in the middle of the night without having to get up to reach for the light.

A couple of built in bolsters or sleep positioners keep baby from rolling off the bedding and to offer a feeling of snug comfort. There are also special sheets to go along with this product which will keep the baby in place.

A co sleeper bassinet: This is a bassinet that is not independent standing; rather it attaches to the parents bed. It attaches firmly to the family bed and sits under the top mattress.

It can be attached to any kind of bed. Three sides are higher than the forth that abuts the bed for easier reach and access to the baby. The product comes with a fitted sheet, mattress and carry bag.

The family bed sleeper:
The family bed sleeper is like a long bolster that will prevent baby from rolling off the bed. This way you don’t need to push your bed against a wall or use side rails to protect the child.


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