Bedtime Rituals To Get Your Toddler Soundly Asleep

toddler sleepOnce your little one hits the toddler years, it is important that they have a regular bedtime.

It helps them to have enough energy for their day, their behavior is improved and mom and dad can even enjoy a little alone time after Junior has bedded down for the night.

What Type of Rituals?

When you were a baby your mother probably had bedtime rituals that transitioned you from a busy day to a restful night’s sleep. You can copy those or you can begin your own bedtime traditions.

You can begin with a nice warm bath where baby can play and the warm water will soothe them. It is a nice bonding time for the parent giving the bath as well. Once baby is all clean and dried and dressed in their pajamas you can do a number of things to get baby to sleep without hassle.

Some parents read a bedtime story or tell a bedtime story. Other parents sing lullabies and others spend time in the child’s bed discussing the day and what tomorrow may hold.

Not every toddler will go gently into that good night sleep and you have to be strong and not give into the baby cry that may accompany the parent as they leave the room.

If they are crying for more than a few minutes, go in and reassure them that you are still there and tuck them back into bed. You can spend a few minutes patting or caressing them until they have calmed down.

If you leave and the baby starts crying again, you should lengthen the time that you go back to check on baby. You are not being a mean or cruel parent because your baby is crying in his bed. It is natural and many thousands of parents have gone through the same routine.

If you have a rocking chair, sit quietly in a darkened room and sing, hum or whatever feels comfortable to you will soothe the baby so that as he drowses you can gently place him in his crib [Baby Crib] so that he can have a peaceful nights slumber. Some babies take to a bedtime easier than others but if you stick to your guns and don’t take the baby out of the crib each time he cries he will soon learn that all crying does is make noise.


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