Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas and Quotes

Expecting a baby can be an exciting time for a couple or for the friends and family of an expectant mother. One of the exciting things on the anvil is the baby shower to be planned and the first step towards that is the baby shower invitation wording ideas that one may be looking at.

For baby shower invitation wording ideas and other aspects, keep the following in mind-

Baby Shower Invitation


Do you want the invite to be fun and informal; modern and humorous? If the guest list is only going to be close friends, you may make it as informal as you want, however if the mom-to-be’s professional colleagues or older family members are also going to be involved, the tone ought to be somewhat formal, and it may be best to stick to a traditional format for the baby shower invite.

What the invite should say

The basic idea of the invite is to make sure that the invited individuals reach the appointed place at the appointed time, so make sure that all particulars are clearly mentioned in the invite.

Before you decided about the other baby shower invitation wording ideas, mention who the shower is in honor of, who the host is, the venue and the time.

Also make it easy to RSVP by mentioning one easily accessible phone number and also an email address. If there are any special instructions as regards gifts or information about whether it’s going to be a surprise party, this should be on the invite as well.

Baby shower invitation wording ideas for a formal invite

You could use a heartfelt quote for the card such as the one by Elizabeth Stone, Making the decision of having a child – It’s Momentous; It is to decide to forever have your heart go walking outside your body”. Or it could be something like: The moment a child is born, a mother is also born; she never existed before – the woman existed the mother, never!

Parents can declare their love for much awaited and anticipated baby with baby shower invitation wording ideas such as: A child’s love is like the dawn unfolding/bright, new and full of hope.

You can make it simple and straightforward by saying: Please join us for a baby shower in honor of…. Or it could be something simple and sweet such as: A bundle of joy is in its way; please join us for this special day. If the baby’s sex is still not known, the wordings can be: Please join us to celebrate before the babe is due/But we still do not know whether it will need pink or blue.

Baby shower invitation wording ideas using humor

The invite to have a bit of humor and can say something like: Heard the Forecast? A baby is due but a shower is predicted before this! And this quote is assigned to Milton Berle that could be very useful for a baby shower invite: If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? Ed Asner was supposed to have said: Raising Kids is part joy, part Guerilla warfare! And this may also be fun to include in a baby shower invite.


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