7 Effective Tips For Twin Sleeping Arrangements

twin sleepingTwins can double both your enjoyment and trouble.

Getting both your babies to sleep and letting them remain that way will be more problematic than fun.

Sleeping arrangements for twin infants can be a cause for concern because twins experience a higher risk of SIDS.

Here are some tips to help you in getting your babies to sleep: [Baby sleep]

1. Allow your babies to sleep at the same time

Getting your twins to sleep at the same time and following the same routine is the key to developing a healthy sleeping pattern and gives you some time for relaxation.

If the twins sleep at different times and one or both awake at any time, it will be an overwhelming feeling for you.

2. Try to create a calm bedtime routine

A calm and soothing bedtime routine, like a warm bath, back rubbing, bedtime story, cuddling and a quite talk helps your babies to fall asleep. If you follow a regular sleep time routine, your babies will take this as the cue to go to sleep.

3. Swaddling your baby

Swaddling and cozily wrapping the babies in a light blanket allows your baby to feel safe and secure before falling asleep.

4. Allow your little infants to sleep when they feel sleepy

Help your babies to sleep on their own by allowing them to fall asleep once they get into bed. If babies cross the newborn stage, don’t rock them to asleep.

5. Keep your babies to sleep in the same cot or crib

Babies feel comfort when they touch each other and close contact helps them to calm down. Babies will move about each other slowly; each sucks the other’s hand as they bind themselves around each other. If you want to keep your babies in separate beds, ensure that they can see each other.

6. Lean to the calm baby initially

If one baby is shouting very much and the other is calm, the common thing to do is to try to calm your crying baby initially.

Before focusing your attention on the shouting baby, you should ensure that the other one is happier.

7. Twins sleep during the night only when they are ready

Researchers confirmed that sleep patterns [Baby sleep patterns] of the baby mainly depends on their weight but not their age. If the twins are identical, they sleep at similar times and their sleep patterns are also similar.

Sleep patterns of fraternal twins are vey different, particularly if they differ in their size and temperament.


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