Things to Avoid on a Baby Shower: Faux Pas

You may look a lot forward to your baby shower but organizing one can be a very daunting affair, one which may lead you drained. There are many social blunders that can happen on a baby shower and thus one needs to be very carefully while planning one. There are many things that you must avoid on a baby shower and to know more about them, you can read the following given information:

things to avoid on a baby showerAvoid Inviting Everyone on Facebook

Baby shower is an extremely personal affair and there is absolutely no need to invite your entire Facebook friend list to it. You must try to limit the guest list and invite only those who you really care about like your close friends and family members. Smaller showers work the best.

Avoid not Opening the Gifts Up

Everyone who comes to a baby showers, comes with a gift. Not opening the gifts in front of your friends can leave them disappointed. There are many women who prefer opening gifts up in private but those who come with gifts love seeing you open it up and enjoy it. So why not make them a little happy and unwrap the gifts during the ceremony itself?

Not Writing Personal Thank You Notes

It is only common etiquette to write a hand written and personal thank you card to all your guests for coming and for bringing amazing gifts. The entire thank you writing process will only take a couple of hours but will make your guests feel so good. You can write emails, thank you cards or send handmade return gifts if that fits your budget.

Not Inviting Boys

Gone are the days when the guest list to a baby shower didn’t include boys or men. These days, it is quite okay to invite males, but only if you are close to them. If you aren’t close to the husbands of a few of your friends, then it’s absolutely okay not inviting them but if you have a few really close male buddies, there is no harm in sending them an invite.

Avoid Revealing the Gender

Revealing the gender of the baby on the baby shower is not such a good idea. If you wish to especially reveal the gender, then you can throw a gender revealing party but telling people the gender on the baby shower may not be the most appropriate thing to do.


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