Proper Etiquette For A Baby Shower

baby showerEtiquette is a consideration that is not often discussed when you are dealing with a baby shower.

A few good tips for the host can make the baby shower run smoother.[Baby Shower Ideas]

  • RSVP’s (Please Respond): Don’t feel bad if someone has to decline your baby shower invitation. People have busy lives and sometimes can’t find the time to attend an event such as a shower. Don’t hold a grudge and don’t take it personally.
  • Co-Hosting: If you want to ask someone else to co-host the shower with you, keep in mind that arranging a baby shower will require money and time in order to plan it successfully. You may put pressure on a friend by asking them to help you throw the shower. Give them plenty of wiggle room to get out of it and don’t put them on the spot.
  • Adoption and Subsequent Children: Though in the past baby showers were given to first time mother, many more are having baby showers with second and even third babies. It is perfectly acceptable to throw a baby shower for someone that is adopting a baby, in fact it is encouraged. Everyone likes to celebrate the arrival of a new child.
  • Should you invite men or other children: Today’s new trend is towards having a co-ed baby shower so that the daddy can be involved as well. If you are not comfortable with this, then just have the girls. If you don’t want other children attending the event, be sure to note that fact on the invitations.
  • What about a surprise shower:– A surprise shower can put pressure on the host as they are trying to keep a big secret.  Sometimes the new mother will not appreciate a surprise of this magnitude. Others love to have a surprise. Pulling it off is another matter. Someone may inadvertently let it slip about the party, so don’t get upset if the mommy finds out about the shower before the date.
  • Have Fun:- Don’t let yourself get bogged down by too many details. Be ready to delegate tasks to others and remember to have fun yourself. Greet each guest and show them where to put the gifts so as to put them at ease right away. Celebrating a new baby arrival in your family or circle is a special event and a lighthearted attitude can go far to making sure the baby shower is a success.


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