Ideas for Baby Shower Party Favors

A baby’s arrival in the world is always a celebrated event and if you are lucky enough to organize a baby shower, most likely you are looking for ideas for baby shower party favors.

For sure you would like for them to be original, fun and worthy to be remembered. This is why you should focus on choosing from a few options that are truly special.

Sweet Ideas for Baby Shower Party Favors


Indulging the sweet tooth in style is something you should consider when choosing party favors for baby showers. Whether you go for delicate tiny boxes with a cookie envelope inside, or a few candy hearts packed inside in miniature cookie jars, your guest will love the idea. If you want to add a touch of class choose small macaroons colored in sky blue – for boys and baby pink – for girls, wrapped in transparent boxes.

A Touch of Perfume


Most likely your guest will be women and girls. Cosmetics are always a good idea and even if you offer something like little hearts made of lavender or rose scented soap or bath foam placed inside cute little containers tied with ribbon, your guests will be very pleased. Another one of the party favor ideas for baby showers from this department involves offering small glass containers filled with aromatherapy oil.

Delights for the Taste and Heart


People always appreciate something tasty and heartwarming. This is why offering hot chocolate powder with a few marshmallows all wrapped in beautiful organza will make an impression on your guests. Another idea for baby shower practical favors is offering small organic tea bags collection all packed in tiny boxes wrapped in colorful paper matching the baby shower theme.



If you are one of the people fond of good old fashioned homemade gifts, the possibilities are endless. For some tasty and original baby shower gift ideas you can choose to offer the guest caramel toffee bits packed in silk paper cones, or homemade chocolate chip cookies with organic chocolate. If you want to offer something original but not sweet, you can blend various spices to make a combination the guests can use on their next barbecue. This powder can be placed inside beautifully decorated envelopes.

Useful House Gear


When considering smart ideas for baby shower party favors keep in mind that the favors don’t need to be expensive. You can always offer something practical but not expensive that your guests will love to use while doing kitchen work. Cookie cutters, muffin tray liners, vanilla beans and chocolate chips are all part of the thing people love to receive. All you have to do is tie up a ribbon, pack the item nicely to fit the baby shower theme and you are done.


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