How to Make a Baby Diaper Cake

One of the cutest additions to a baby shower is a diaper cake. This is one of the less traditional kinds of baby shower cakes, because we aren’t referring to an actual cake, but one made of diapers.


In order to prepare the cake you are going to need disposable diapers, empty paper towel rolls, rubber bands, ribbon, some toys or other smaller baby items, like pacifiers, teething rib, bib, socks, rattle, booties, hair brush, a larger toy, like a rubber ducky or a baby bottle as the top of the cake, a tray coated with aluminum foil, a lot of patience and optionally an extra pair of hands.

Baby Diaper CakePreparing the cake

In order to start with the cake you should roll as many diapers as you think you will need and secure them with the rubber bands or ribbons. If you don’t prepare enough, you can always prepare some later.

Start with placing them vertically around the empty paper towel roll. Go on placing more and more diapers until you finish the first circle. Then secure the diapers in place with the help of a large ribbon.

Once you are done with the first circle, add another circle of diapers on the outside of the first one, creating a larger circle and securing it in place as you did before with a ribbon. These circles will make sure that the cake for the baby shower will have a nice and neat look.

Second layer

Once the first layer is big enough, you should place another empty paper towel roll and start creating the circles around it just as you did before. Keep in mind that this layer must be smaller than the first one.

Third layer

The cake could have a third layer as well, depending on the size of the cake that you would like to have. The process is same as in case of the previous layers.


In order to decorate the cake, you should have the small items that have been mentioned among the ingredients tucked between the ribbon and the diapers to make sure that they won’t fall. Don’t forget to add the item to the top.

Another option

You could have a diaper cake in another way as well. In this way you should unfold the diapers and wrap them around the roll or a baby bottle. Once you are done with a layer, secure it with a ribbon or a rubber band. Then just go on adding the circles until the base becomes big enough.

In case of the second layer, you should be doing the same thing, but make sure that this layer will be smaller than the first one, so that your cake looks like a regular cake.

Just as in the previous case, in the end you should decorate the baby shower cakes with small toys or other items for the baby.

It might be better to use a baby bottle instead of an empty roll.


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