Homemade Baby Shower Decorations – Simple, Inexpensive Ideas

Many enjoy spending the time and the effort as well as the creativity involved in making homemade baby shower decorations. Not only can these be more economical, they can also be very distinctive and can give one the satisfaction of knowing that there is a personal touch to it all.

Here are some homemade baby shower decorations ideas to get your creative juices flowing-

Homemade Baby Shower DecorationsCustom banners

This is a simple and enjoyable craft DIY project where you need some cardboard pieces, some colored string, glue and paint, colored paper and whatever other decorative elements you need.

First, cut out the cardboard pieces in equal sizes and shapes – the number of these you will need, will depend upon the number of letters or words you want to fit onto to it. Then cover them with colored paper, or foil, tinsel or whatever you fancy.

You can paint on the message or create paper cutouts and paste it on the message.

The banner can say “Welcome Baby” or “It’s going to be a Girl!” or “We look forward to meeting you Mark” and so on.

Keep colors neutral if you don’t know the gender of the baby yet, or if you do you can go with the traditional pink and blue color coding. Such homemade baby shower decorations can be strung out in the center of a wall or any other prominent locations.

Innovative streamers

Streamers are certainly something that indicate festivity, but by no means do they have to be featureless and generic. You can create your own streamers by using toilet roll – decorate with baby themed drawings, paintings or even stickers, and no one need be the wiser that you’ve used a toilet roll.

Other innovative homemade baby shower decorations can be created by stringing up baby clothing, booties, or even little baby blankets on the mantle, on the wall or even by stringing in on a clothes line across the room, and using clothes pins to hook them up.

Make your own diaper cake

One of the things that expectant parents are likely to be well stocked up on is new born size diapers. There is no reason why these cannot be used to create a beautiful and creative center piece by arranging them in a three tiered arrangement, festooned by ribbons, bows or even some baby booties. This can be something of a focal point for your homemade baby shower decorations.

Tissue paper pom-poms and flowers

It is easy to make paper flowers using tissue paper; similarly pom-poms and other simple party decorations can also be made using tissue paper. For step by step instructions on how to make paper flowers from tissue paper look over at YouTube for simple and clear instructions. You can then make bunches of the flowers or string them from the walls or ceilings for a very festive atmosphere indeed.


If it’s going to be an informal affair or a single table event, you can create just one of these using a child’s colorful bucket or a wicker basket– tuck in some baby toys such as rattles, teethers, a stuffed teddy or two, even a pacifier and a feeding bottle. If you are having several tables you can create such center pieces of homemade baby shower decorations for each table.


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