Where to Get Hello Kitty Baby Shower Invitations

Hello Kitty is globally recognized icon that adorns innumerable baby products; among them being Hello Kitty baby shower invitations. These have become popular because of their very high cuteness quotient and the simple, uncluttered design that lends itself very well to toys, stationery and children’s accessories.

You can design your own Hello Kitty baby shower invitations, or you can download them online and print them. You can buy these baby shower invites or you can even get them for free at some places. And with there being so many different hello kitty themed items available, you can design your entire baby shower around a Hello Kitty theme – cups, napkins, decorations, streamers, balloons, table cover, cake topper, candles, cake pans, party favors and all the other stuff at the shower can be of the same theme.

Hello Kitty Baby Shower InvitationsYour options for hello kitty baby shower invitations

Pick your hello kitty character

Hello Kitty has a family and friends that have appeared as the popularity of this cute little fictional character has grown over the years. Kitty is the central character, and Mimmy is her twin sister.

You can tell them apart by looking at their bows: Kitty’s bow is over her left ear whereas Mimmy’s is over her right.

Then there is Anthony who loves to paint and tells some good yarns. He is Kitty’s grandfather. Margret is the grandma with the characteristic glasses perched at the end of her button nose; she makes pudding and does embroidery.

Cathy is the little rabbit girl, probably the most popular character after Kitty herself. Then there is Fifi, who is Kitty’s friend. Kitty’s other friends are Tippy, Joey, Joey’s girlfriend and Jodie the dog.

If it is a boy you’re expecting, you may prefer to pick one of Kitty’s friends if you think Kitty being girly. So plenty of options are there for your Hello Kitty baby shower invitations.

Free printable hello kitty baby shower invites

At free printable.com, you will find a number of these hello kitty themed baby shower invites that you can download for free. You can color and customize them as you want: Hello Kitty with her grandparents, her friends, having a bath, on a plane, driving, on a bike-board and so on.

Where to buy Hello Kitty baby shower invitations

Babyshower4u.com is a useful resource for all things related to baby showers. You can get some really cute baby shower invites in the shape of a onesie here, with a hello kitty character printed on a polka dotted surface. You can provide the wording you want and they customize the card for you as you want. They print the card for you only after you’ve approved the digital proof that they send you.

Another option for hello kitty baby shower invitations is available here. You can change the wording, the font color and style etc. eBay and Amazon will also offer you a number of other options for baby shower invite, with or without the hello kitty theme.


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