Food Ideas for Twin Baby Shower – 2 Times Yummy Treats

Having a baby shower is a really fun idea and it is even better if the mommy will have twins. If you have a twin baby shower to host, most probably you are looking for food ideas for twin baby shower.

Usually people are looking for those kinds of foods that have something to do with twins.

Pairs aside as for twin baby shower food


In case you are looking for twin baby shower foods you should consider those that usually come in pairs. The candy bar of caramel cookie that is covered by chocolate normally comes in pairs as well as the twin pops. There are some other kinds of foods as well that are packaged this way and that will remind people of twins.

You could also thinking about bakery goods when considering twin baby shower food ideas. For instance the cupcakes usually come in pairs and you can also find snowballs packaged in this manner. Actually you can get just anything that is sold in couples.

Double or nothing


You may have this theme if you are thinking about the food ideas for twin baby shower. You have the possibility to have double-fudge brownies or double decker sandwiches. There are a lot of finger foods that are suitable for this theme if you serve them in pairs. You might have small cupcake papers and add chocolate covered nuts, pieces of fudge and cookies.

When it comes to the appetizers regarding the ideas for twin’s baby shower foods you should add two olives, two cubs of cheese and two pieces of linguica or chorizo to toothpicks. Place as many toothpicks as you can on the tray and also add some crackers to it. Double berry punch is another great idea.

Two by two


In case of this one of the food ideas for twin baby shower, you can have as your theme Noah’s ark. Have snacks and crackers in the shape of animals and serve them in pairs. You have the option to also cut out animal shapes of tea sandwiches. Chocolate-covered granola may be labeled as ‘animal feed’.

Peas in a pod


This is one of the food ideas for twin baby shower that has a lot of approaches. For instance you should add two green candy bars to cupcakes. Another idea is to make peas and pea pods of fondant or marzipan. The tea sandwiches could also have the shape of two pea pods.

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