Food And Drink To Serve At Your Baby Shower

baby shower1Of course the new mom and the presents she receives are the central theme of a baby shower, but for the guests an important aspect is the food.

You will need beverages; a cake and you must decide what type of food to serve.

You can serve a full sit down dinner, a buffet or you can make it easier on yourself and serve a variety of finger foods.

The Star of the Food Show

The star of the food is typically the cake. Everyone comments on the visual appeal as well as the taste and it may be the most photographed item at the shower.

Finding the perfect cake will be the hardest task. You can try a bakery, a private baker or if you think you are up to the task, make it yourself. It should be a beautiful creation and match the theme of the shower.

However, it is not recommended that you order a cake online because it can become damaged in the delivery. Choose a cake that will feed all the guests but won’t leave you with a ton of leftover cake.


Decide if you will be serving alcoholic beverages. To save on your budget you can buy boxed white, red or zinfandel wine. Also have on hand a variety of soft drinks. If there will be children, allow for extra juices.

An easy way to quench your guests’ thirst is to prepare a punch. Your punch can be a delicious fruit concoction with or without alcohol. You can also provide bottled water if that is the preference of many of your guests.

Finger Foods

Serve a variety of chips and dip. A veggie platter with ranch or blue cheese dressing is delicious and easy to buy or prepare. Stuffed clams, stuffed mushrooms or deviled eggs are always an excellent choice.

Clam dip prepared in a bread bowl will really go over well. Also offer your guests some chocolates and other tempting treats in the shape of teddy bears, ducks, pacifiers or baby bottles.

If you are going to have a sit down dinner, holding the shower in a restaurant is the best idea. If you want to serve a buffet you can still rent a hall or have it at your home and have it catered. Finally, don’t forget coffee and a variety of teas for after the meal, when you are eating the cake.


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