Favors for a Baby Shower Party

The favors for a baby shower party are gaining in popularity and choosing the party favor is a decision that rests on the host of the baby shower. The choice of the favor depends on the budget and guest list. A number of options of favors of the baby shower parties are available and may vary from the simple to the elaborate.

Baby Shower Party

A fresh tradition

The party favors are a creative and fun way of saying ‘thanks’ to the guests and offering them a keepsake. The baby shower party favors have become more common in recent times and they can be made into memorable gifts through a number of ways. The favors are usually given by the host of the party and can be bordered on a wide variety of themes.

The favors for the baby shower parties generally have a baby theme, and are often embellished with baby names, pictures and emblems. The usual colors which are related with baby showers may be pinks, yellows, blues and pastel shades, although you may try other options as well. Wrapping the party favors may use theme colors, colored cellophane, tissue paper or wrapping paper, being accented with color contrasted ribbon.

Baby shower party favor ideas

A favor for the baby shower parties has common gifts associated with it, but there is nothing specific. The choice of the favors depends on the budget of the host. Some inexpensive party favors include stationeries, candles, candies, cookies, lotion and soaps. If your budget permits, you may even explore other options for making the favors more personalized.

Some of these may include candle holders, embroidered purses and engraved picture frames. A number of options are now available online to make your party favor for your baby shower more personal. Moreover, the items can be prepared in bulk at discounted rates.

Things to consider

While deciding on the baby shower party favors, you can always consult a guest list. Previously, baby showers were conducted strictly for women, immediate members of the family and close friends. However, this has changed and men and those outside the close social circle are being invited as well. The favor for the baby shower parties has a universal appeal to the invited guests. If the guests comprise men as well as women, it is ideal to have two different sets of favors.

Making the decision

The host of the baby shower party should decide on, order and purchase the favors, although the financial responsibility may not be shouldered by them alone. If there are other people helping with the baby shower, they may request about making contributions to any aspect of the party, including the party favors. They may thus have an opinion as far as the favors are concerned.

Although giving favors for the baby shower parties is usually common, many still choose doing without them. An older tradition incorporates baby shower games with prizes being awarded to the winners. In some families it is considered acceptable to give away prizes instead of favors. The favors are a fun treat of the baby shower, but the focus is to give gifts to the expectant mother which she and her baby will require.


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