Farm Animals Baby Shower Decorations

There are numerous children’s songs that could inspire you in baby shower decorations, such as ‘Farmer in the Dell’ and ‘Old McDonald’. The good thing about the farm animal theme is that it works both for girls and boys. In case you are worried about the decorations you are going to use, consider this: hold the shower in the garden, on the green grass, and the majority of the decoration is already done.

Baby Shower Decorations

Stuffed animals

For sure you have numerous stuffed animals at home, so just look for those that come in the shape of farm animals. In order to decorate the food table, you could have a stuffed animal with a sample invitation and a pair of baby shoes as the centerpiece. In case there are several tables, the same idea could be used as centerpieces, but in this case, you should opt for smaller toys.


This is one of the traditional farm fabrics. In order to have more traditional decorations you should opt for the red and white colors. On the other hand, if you are going for a more modern look, go for the pastel colors, like pink, blue or green.

You can use this fabric when it comes to the tablecloth, plates, ribbons and napkins.

Hay bales

This is the ultimate decoration for baby showers with a farm animal theme. Naturally you will have a bit more of cleanup to do, but it is definitely worth it. You can buy these bales at farms, and you have the option to use them only as decoration or for seating. You can also find them at garden centers during fall and they come in different sizes.


A shower is not real if there are no balloons. You don’t have to be thinking about only the traditional balloons, but you can also find some that come with farm animals. In order to implement the theme, you could be using toy farm animals to keep the balloons on the ground.


One of the most creative ideas that you can have regarding gifts, is to create a corral of gifts. For this you should get picket fencing from a home improvement store. With its help create a small corral filled with gifts.

Other aspects

When it comes to the baby shower decorations, it’s not only the decorations that you have to consider to make sure that the theme will be implemented. The setting of the shower is also important (for sure you can’t have it at a fancy restaurant).

Another important aspect is for the guests to prepare for the theme of the shower. This is easy to achieve if you mention the theme in the invitations or if you simply create the invitations in this style. You can be sure that the guests will understand the hidden message. Before you organize the shower you have to make sure that the theme is alright with the mother to be. For sure you don’t want to disappoint her.


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