Exclusive Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Baby showers are instances for welcoming your expecting baby into this world. It is an opportunity to think outside the traditional flower centerpieces. With the baby shower centerpiece ideas, you can experiment with the unusual and fun options. While planning a baby shower, you may think of using edible centerpieces or those which can also be used for gifting the mom to be.

If you want to go for a traditional look, consider using soft and pastel shades, whereas a baby shower centerpiece idea for a contemporary design scheme would include bold and bright colors.

Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Cupcake bouquet

If you want some baby shower centerpiece ideas which will make the guests at your baby shower smile, consider making a cupcake bouquet. Take a Styrofoam ball and put in the skewer or craft sticks of different lengths at the center following a radial pattern.

Place the sticks about 4 inches apart, using cake decorating items for piping the flower petals on top of the cupcakes. You may use several layers in this centerpiece idea to add to the height and texture.

Place the foam ball inside the low vase or flower pot to enable the skewers to stand out. Push the cupcakes above the skewers carefully to form a bouquet pattern. To fill in the space in between, use frosted doughnut holes.

Baby block cake

One of the unique baby shower centerpiece ideas can be a baby block cake to bring about a touch of traditionalism. For this, you should bake cakes in single layers. The bottom of the block can be formed by cutting square sections of about 5 inches and setting atop the first layer in a minimal offset.

Have a top layer out of 2 squares measuring 4 inches atop the second. Each of the layers in the baby shower centerpiece idea should be painted to resemble an alphabet block spelling out the initials of the baby (in case the name has been chosen), or you could use arbitrary letters.

Baby basket

These baby shower centerpiece ideas add fun to the baby shower decorations and may even be used as gifts for the future mom. You may start with different kinds of baby focused containers including ornamental wicker storage baskets, toy sand buckets or tiny bath toy containers.

Inside the bath toy holder, you may add in the idea of putting rubber duck toys, bottles of bubble bath, kiddy towels and a collection of small washcloths. The wicker basket may contain a receiving blanket, an embroidered pillow and a tiny stuffed animal.

Diaper wreaths also comprise one of the favorite baby shower centerpiece ideas. Instead of going for cake shaped centerpiece made out of diapers, you may even consider diaper wreaths. By combining a wreath with newborn diapers and other baby items, you can create an excellent baby shower centerpieces. These items can be used by the expecting parents for usage later on or the wreath may be used for decorating the nursery room door.


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