5 DIY Baby Shower Decorations

When a new baby comes into the world, it is always a big thing for the parents, relatives and everybody else acquainted to the family, and this is why there should be a baby shower. In the majority of the cases the baby shower decorations might turn out to be expensive, and this is why you should find alternative ways to create them, such as DIY style.

Baby Shower Decorations

1. Decorations for the table

There are numerous stores that carry tablecloths made of plastic in every color you can think of. If this is something you had in mind, then you should consider the ones coming in pastel colors, such as pink. You could also add ledgers of different colors. In case of the pink tablecloth you could have dark pink or green ledgers.

Also look for cheap baskets, stuffed animals and tissue paper. Add the tissue paper to the baskets and add the stuffed animals to the baskets. These are the perfect centerpieces that you need for an event of this kind.

You should forget having the traditional napkin rings. It is a lot cuter in this case to have baby keys, beaded bracelets or pacifiers. You could use baby bottles turned into vases. Add to them small flowers.

To have some fragrance, you could use small scented candles placed in the jars used for packing baby food.

2. Going practical

One of the creative ideas that you could have is to have a clothesline in the room, and with the help of clothespins you could hang the items related to the baby. You could have a color scheme for this, and the items you could be thinking about include baby clothes, blankets, bibs and mobiles. Another great idea is to add to the clothesline the gifts as they get unwrapped during the party.

3. Table assignments

In case you have a special place for each of the guests, as decorations for the baby shower you could have old fashion handkerchiefs as the seating cards, and have each of the guests decorate theirs. In the end these can be sewed together to create a summer blanket for the little one.

In case you have decided to use the baby food jars to hold the candles, you could also use them as seating cards. Print the name of the guests on a piece of paper and glue it around the jar.

4. Napkins

Instead of the regular napkins, you can use bibs. Cut fabric to the shape of bibs and add two ribbons to each end. The bibs could be held by baby rings.

5. Chairs

As baby shower decorations for the chairs, you can use lace or ribbon, whichever is more suitable for the theme, but balloons are also a safe choice. The mother’s chair should be decorated differently from other chairs, for everybody to know that she is special. You could have her wear a bib with the name of the baby on it, or simply a message saying that she will be or is a proud mother. The options you have are infinite.


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