Decorations for Baby Shower – Ideas and Options

The impending arrival of a new baby is something that the whole family awaits with joy and expectations, so it is only natural that one would want to celebrate with a baby shower and the decorations for baby shower assume great importance.

Whether you want something simple and understated or you want to go all out in celebration with elaborate decorations, here are some ideas for decorations for baby shower that you can use individually or in conjunction with one another –

General decorations

Decorations for Baby ShowerBalloons, streamers, confetti and so on are regulars at any party and can do the job of jollification just as well at a baby shower.

However you can give it a baby twist using streamers featuring baby booties or toys, baby bottles or pacifier patterns, confetti featuring with little babies or duckies, and so on.

Customize your streamers

There is nothing to say that you cannot be as creative as you want when decorating for a baby shower. Tiny little baby clothes strung up on a line can make simple, yet innovative and fun decorations for baby shower.

Include some cloth diapers, little jackets, booties, mittens, onesies and so on.

You could also use tapes or banners printed with a baby shower message such as “Its’ a Boy/Girl”. Or the banner could have a custom message depending upon who is throwing the party “Welcome to a dear little granddaughter/nephew/cousin”. Cutouts with nursery characters and other baby themed items also add to the baby feel of the party.

Centerpieces or cake toppers

Fun items such as a little stork with a bundle of joy clamped firmly in his beak; a jaunty cap on his head can make a lovely cake topper for the part or it could make a cute center piece for the table or tables you set for the party. So such decorations for baby showers can be used in many different ways.

Use jars creatively

Empty glass jars can be set up with some flowers (fresh or artificial take your pick), candy canes, candles, jelly beans and so on. They can be displayed randomly or as center pieces for the tables.

Decorate a tree branch

The branch of a tree with twigs but without any of the leaves can be decorated with silver or gold or other colored paint. It can then be decorated by hanging little baby booties, or party hats, or a plethora of other baby themed items, even clothing and this can be a wonderful part of the decorations for baby shower.

Have a theme

You could have a colored theme depending upon whether it’s going to be a boy or a girl, or make it neutral if you’re planning on getting a surprise. Or you could have a bunny rabbit theme, a rocking horse theme, a Disney theme, or really any baby related theme you can think of.

Break out the blankets

Decorations for baby shower could include soft little fluffy blankets – you can suspend them from the ceiling, use them as throws on the couch or chairs, hang them on the walls and so on. Any way just blankets, nursery themed sheets, flannels, swaddling blankets and all can be creatively used as well.


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