The Differences Between a Blessing Way and Baby Shower

There are many ways to celebrate the birth of a baby who is soon going to be born and different cultures use different methods to shower both the mother and baby with blessings and gifts.  Where in some countries and cultures, a baby shower is organized to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by giving gifts, in other places, a ritual called a Blessing Way is observed.

A blessing way is an old Navajo ceremony which celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood.  While both rituals and celebratory methods are special, you must know the differences between them to decide which one you would like to organize.

differences between a blessing way and baby shower

Blessing Way

Blessing way, which is also known as Mother’s blessing is a ritual which is all about nurturing the pregnant woman and celebrating motherhood.  This is a less commercialized ritual as compared to a baby shower and may not involve bringing expensive gifts for the mother and baby.  The main idea behind this ritual is to give a lot of love and positive energy to the mother and get the hormone oxytoxin flowing.

Women gather around the pregnant woman and share stories with one another regarding pregnancy and child birth. They help to calm down the mother-to-be and instill a sense of confidence and strength in her. The women who attend this ritual are the close friends and family members of the pregnant female. They sit in a power circle and honor the one who is pregnant.

Baby Shower

One of the main differences between a baby shower and blessing way is that while a blessing way is celebrated before birth, baby shower can be celebrated both before and after birth.  It is a much more modern concept and highly commercialized in nature these days. It involves bringing in gifts for the mother and baby and organizing a party where even men are welcome in today’s time. A blessing way is a women only gathering but the same cannot be said for a baby shower.

A baby shower too involves showering the mother and baby with gifts and good wishes. This process involves getting a cake, decorating the venue, organizing special means and even sending out special invitations.  In different countries and cultures, there is a contrast in the way a baby shower may be organized and celebrated.


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