Which Are the Best Punch Recipes for Baby Showers

It is very likely that at some point you will be looking for the best punch recipes for baby showers.

This drink is just perfect for the occasions of this kind and there isn’t anybody who doesn’t like punch. The good thing about it is that you can come up with your own recipe, or you can use a well-known one.

Best Punch Recipes for Baby Showers

Pink punch

For this basic punch you will need a pt. of lemon sherbet, two c. of pineapple juice, a pt. of cranberry juice cocktail and also a qt. of ginger ale. Add the sherbet to the bowl using a spoon. Then mix in the juices and don’t forget about the ginger ale either.

Blue punch

When thinking about the top punch recipes for baby showers, you should know that this one is just perfect for the baby shower of a little boy. The ingredients include a package of blue colored drink mix with a berry flavor and no sugar added, two liters of lemon and lime carbonated beverage, cranberry juice, some vanilla flavored ice cream and a bit of sugar.

Green punch

Although you might think regarding the best punch recipes for baby showers that this is a scary one, you should know that it is really tasty. For it you need a pk. of lime Kool Aid, a can of limeade, some sugar, water, some ginger ale and sherbet. You can be sure that in the end the punch will be really green.

Yellow punch

In case you are looking for the punch recipes that are the best for baby showers, you have to try this. You need 46 oz. of pineapple juice, two liters of ginger ale, a qt. of water, sugar and some lemonade Kool Aid. You should add the ginger ale right before you serve the punch.

Slush punch

For this special one of the best punch recipes for baby showers you will need white sugar, water, gelatin mix with a strawberry flavor, pineapple juice, lemon juice, orange juice and carbonated juice with lemon and lime flavoring.

Sparkling punch

If you need the punch recipes that are perfect for baby showers to sparkle, mix some sparkling apple cider, carbonated water, oranges, lemons, frozen lemon concentrate, white sugar and ice cubes.

Now you know what the best punch recipes for baby showers are and how to prepare them.


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