Best Baby Shower Games Ideas

A baby shower is supposed to be something fun and so you will need the best baby shower games ideas to make sure that the guests won’t be bored. The good news is that there are a lot of games that you can choose from.

Baby Bingo

For this activity you will need bingo templates and pens. The templates should be filled with the items on the gift registry. As the mom opens the gifts, the players have to mark the items on the cards. The player that has a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row, wins the game.

Name the Tune

To use this one of the baby shower game ideas that are the best you should create a mix CD with songs that have baby or babe in their title. The main point of the game is for the players to guess the title and the artist of a given song.

Best Baby Shower Games Ideas

Pregnant Twister

When looking for best baby shower games ideas, you may be looking for something fun. This is the classic Twister game, but the players have to dress up as pregnant women. For this you should use wrist weights, pillows, and fanny packs.

No “baby”

To play this game, give all guests a pin upon arrival. Nobody is supposed to say “baby” during the shower. If someone says it and another guest catches them, their pin will be taken and given to the person who caught them. The person with the most pins wins.

Baby Photos

You can ask your guests to bring baby photos of themselves to the shower. For this baby shower game, collect all the photos and have your guests match the baby photos to the guests. This works best when the guests don’t know each other very well.

Asking Questions

This one of the best tips for baby shower games that will make people laugh. Give cards to the guests and ask them to write down a question that the mother might have. Then all guests should give their card to the person sitting to their left, and write the answer to their question to their new card.

The point of a baby shower is for the guests and the new mother to have some fun. If you choose any of these fun baby shower games, your party is sure to be a hit.


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