Creative Baby Shower Thank You Cards Ideas

Some people don’t think that the baby shower thank you cards are important, but the truth is that these are the cards that let your guests know that you appreciate their presence.

They represent a simple gesture, but sometimes this gesture means a lot.

Baby Shower Thank You Cards Ideas

The stroller

The idea behind this thank you card is simple: there is the text ‘Thank you’ written on the card, but instead of the ‘H’ there should be a stroller with long legs. The color of the stroller should be pink if it will be a baby girl and blue if it will be a baby boy.


If you want something simple but with a high impact for the baby shower’s thank you cards, think about having hot pink butterflies on a white background. This idea is suitable if the baby is a little girl. Naturally the card should also have the text ‘thank you’.


When people see cute animals they usually think about babies and this is why these are suitable for the baby shower thank you cards. In the majority of the cases the organizers opt for wild animals, such as giraffes, elephants and zebras.

Baby clothes

Another idea regarding the baby shower and the thank you cards is to have on the card a string and there should be baby clothes pinned to it. This is a really good idea if at the shower there is a string that is decorated with baby clothes.

Baby bottles

In case you are thinking about baby shower thank you cards you should also consider having baby bottles on the card. To make sure that the cards won’t be boring, the bottles should have different patterns. The rest of the card should have only one color, so that it won’t become too colorful.


If you are looking for thank you cards of a baby shower remember that the flowers are always associated with children, especially with baby girls. In case the flowers are suitable for the theme of the shower, you should have them on the thank you cards.

The women looking for ideas for the baby shower thank you cards should get creative and make sure that the cards chosen are suitable for the theme of the shower. There is supposed to be some coherence. It is enough for the shower and the cards to have the same color scheme.


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