Baby Shower Party Planning Tips

There is nothing nicer than a baby shower. If you get to organize one you may be interested in some baby shower party planning tips to make sure that everything will go smoothly and that the mother-to-be will have a blast.

The Theme

If you are looking for theme options, you should be always thinking about the mother. Remember that the Disney figures are for the nursery and instead consider the style of the mother. She might be sophisticated, wacky, or a bookworm. Think of her personality and find a suitable theme.


Although you might want to save a penny and might think of invitations as an unnecessary expense, you have to remember that the invitations set the tone for the shower, so it shouldn’t look cheap. If you will have only a few guests, you can find invitations for under a dollar.

Baby Shower Party Planning Tips

RSVP Manager

It is important for the organizer to know who will come and who will not. There are some online services that facilitate this process. The guests will receive a URL where they can RSVP or not and you will have everything in one place. This way you can plan for the exact number of people who are going to be at the party.


Simple balloons can seem plain and boring. This is why if you are looking some special decorations for a baby shower party, you could look for a company that creates sculptures of helium balloons, like flowers or pacifiers. You can also use flowers and candy as decoration for a nice touch.


A baby shower doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. If you are trying to keep to a tight budget on the party, you could ask the guests to bring their best dishes for a potluck and use the food money on a cake or a gift. If there is a guest who bakes cakes as a hobby, you could ask them to bring a cake as a gift for the shower.


The venue is one of the most important aspects to think about when you are considering baby shower planning ideas. If it is a small party, you might have it at your place or the place of another guest so that you won’t have to pay rental fees. Otherwise, you could go to a small restaurant.

There are a lot of baby shower party planning tips for you to think about and a shower has a lot of aspects that you have to prepare for. But it is easy to organize everything in a way to make sure that everyone has a lot of fun.


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