Learning How to Make Baby Shower Invitations

There are many different reasons for which you might want to make your own baby shower invitations. It is possible that you can’t find one that you really like or that you would like to cut some costs.

Baby Shower Invitations

Visit the craft store

The first step of creating the invitations for the baby shower is to visit your favorite craft store. Look for a base page that you like. People usually opt for the 12×12 size, but you can choose anything you like.

The paper

The next step is to choose the paper. This should be vellum-style, meaning that it is see through. In this case the color doesn’t really matter, the important thing is for it to look good on the invitations for the baby shower.

This is considered to be the most difficult step because you have to find matching papers, which can be a time consuming activity.

In this case you may need someone to offer you a second opinion.


When looking for the embellishment, you should consider the theme of the shower. It is almost an unwritten rule for the baby shower invitations to have the same theme as the shower itself. You may find some stamps that are just perfect for the theme.

How to attach the two papers

In case you are looking for simple invitations for the baby shower you could opt for glue, but a more elegant approach is to use ribbons or brads that match the papers.

The invitation itself

In case of baby shower invitations the invitation doesn’t need to be fancy, so you could be using a simple online editor for it. When editing, you might want to use the foot print template and then use the color of the footprint as the background color, making it disappear. Then all you have to do is to add the information regarding the baby shower. The best thing is that you can print on a page up to four invitations.

Printing of the invitations for the baby shower

You should go for printing four invitations on each of the vellum pages. In case you got 3 pages, you will have 12 invitations. After printing you should allow them to dry so you won’t have any smudges.

What’s next?

Once the baby shower invitations have dried, all you have to do is to decorate them with the embellishment, ribbons or whatever you have chosen to do.


When cutting the invitations for the baby shower you would better use a rotary cutter and not scissors because velum has a bad reaction at tearing.

The printouts

Line up the printouts on the paper that you got in the craft store. In case you have chosen the 12×12 size then it will be enough for you to get 2 sheets, because you can place six printouts on each sheet.


Once the baby shower invitations are in place, you just have to use the ribbons to attach the two kinds of paper to each other.


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