Baby Shower Gifts: What Not To Give

baby showerThere are some things that a new mommy will really be able to use, but some things have limited use or no use so that it does not make any sense to gift them at a baby shower.

The Tiny Baby Socks

Yes babies are tiny when they are born, but they remain that size for a very short time. Most babies double their birth weight in about three to six months; some take less than three months.

So while those teeny tiny baby booties look so very adorable and the miniscule onesies that say ‘I love mommy’ seem irresistible, refrain from getting those.

Diaper Cakes

All baby shower gift ideas list a diaper cake as a lovely gift. It is in fact rather nice to look at: all pretty and decorated. But consider that in the amount that you spent for that diaper cake, that comes festooned, you could simply buy diapers.

About two months worth for the new born size (small) or play safe and get a medium size that can be used up till a child turns one, just in case new mommy stocked up well on the small size.

Nursery decoration items

Many expectant moms make an absolute project with the whole nursery décor business and they do not appreciate interference in that. What someone else chooses may not fit into her scheme of things and may not be appreciated.

Baby skin and hair products

An expectant mom is likely to have stocked up on these fairly early on in her pregnancy. Plus there are a whole lot of things that a particular baby may develop and allergy to, so this is a sphere best left alone.

Soft Toys

Soft toys do not make any sense to a new born baby. They don’t look at them; they certainly don’t play with them. In fact it may be a year before the child takes any interest in the stuffed baby giraffe you had in mind. [toy safety]

Also put inside the baby’s crib, it poses a suffocation hazard, so wait till the child’s first or second or best of all third birthday for that baby giraffe.

If you do want to buy a toy for the baby, consider a mobile to be hung over the cot or baby crib, this is the first toy that a baby is going to appreciate and reach for and show any interest in; perhaps as early as a few weeks old.

Consider that it is the mother who is going to undergo the trauma of childbirth and may really enjoy having something that is exclusively for her, the mother rather than the child to come.


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