Baby Shower Foods Ideas

Organizing a baby shower isn’t as easy as it may sound. There are a lot of things that the host has to think about, including baby shower foods ideas. It is best to keep things simple and thing about finger foods that will please the guests.

Smoked salmon

One of the simplest foods to think about is smoked salmon. The majority of people just love salmon. This is a suitable kind of food for champagne cocktails, brunches and luncheons. If there is someone who doesn’t like salmon, for sure they will find something else to eat.

Finger sandwiches

In case you don’t have much experience in the kitchen, think about finger sandwiches regarding the food ideas for baby shower. You simply can’t go wrong with these sandwiches. Consider serving chicken salad and mango chutney, radishes with butter, pear and blue cheese, or BLT salad.

It’s a girl

If you know that your friend is expecting a little girl, when looking for baby shower foods ideas, think about pink dessert. For this you will need white cake mix, a cup of strawberry preserves, and a bit of red food coloring. In the end add some whipped cream and pieces of strawberry.

Ice cream

When it comes to the tips for baby shower food, you simply can’t forget about ice cream. You can get blue or pink ice cream, according to the gender of the baby. If you wish to have a blue desert, think about blueberry or huckleberry ice cream that you can prepare at home.

Ice cream sandwiches

To make ice cream even more interesting regarding the baby shower foods ideas, think about putting it between wafers. Again, you are in full control of the color. If the gender is not known yet, think about green or yellow ice cream.


In case you are looking for baby shower food tips that don’t require a lot of time to prepare, consider serving fruits and vegetables. These are healthy and the new mother for sure will appreciate it. All you have to do is to slice up the fruits and vegetables for an appetizing look.

You don’t have to stick to the traditional baby shower foods ideas. You can have just any kind of food that you want; the most important thing is for the guests and the new mother to like it. Besides this, there are no other rules.


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