Baby Shower Etiquette: The Dos And Don’ts Of A Successful Shower

baby showerBaby showers have become one of the fastest growing social events, and every pregnant woman can expect to have at least one.

If you want to hold a baby shower for a friend, ask her first – this is the first rule of baby shower etiquette.

As the hostess, you will be responsible for all the planning, organization and cost.

You want the shower to be representative of the mother-to-be and her wishes need to be taken into account.

Different people and cultures have different expectations, so be sure to check every aspect of baby shower etiquette with the guest of honor.

Generally speaking, baby shower etiquette suggests there will be several components. There will be some games (usually related to babies and pregnancy), yummy food, gifts and the room or house may be decorated to suit the theme.

Some people like to include a take-home gift, or party favor, for each guest, as a thank you for attending. The whole event will last for about two hours, and a finish time should be noted on the invitation, so guests know when it is appropriate to leave.

The most important part of baby shower etiquette is to consult the mother-to-be. The event is for her and she should be consulted. Ask her if she would prefer the shower to be before or after the baby is born; would she like to help with the preparations or would she prefer to be surprised on the day.

Ask her to write up a guest list and how she would like the invitations to be worded. Some mothers start a baby registry at a local store, and guests need to know that it exists so they can shop from the list if they wish.

Decide on a theme, if it is appropriate, so you can plan invitations, decorations, games and the food. A theme can be as simple as a color, especially if the sex of the baby is general knowledge, a favorite animal of the mother or a child’s toy, such as teddy bears.

Ask your expectant mother if she has any ideas or themes she would like to consider or anything she doesn’t want.

The baby shower etiquette around planning what food to serve is to check with the expectant mother about dietary requirements for herself and any of the proposed guests.

While you can serve anything you want, it is usually easier to serve finger food that can be prepared in advance and heated on the day.

Simple food, meticulously prepared and beautifully presented, is sure to please everyone present. You could ask for some help from friends who will be attending, by giving them a specific task to do and a time-frame to do it in.

When the day for the baby shower arrives, be organized and prepared early. Write out a plan for the day, so nothing is forgotten.

Be at the door to greet the guests as they arrive and have a couple of friends with you to take each guest through and introduce them to those they may not know.

Plan some getting-to-know-you fun baby shower games to break the ice and get things rolling. By following simple baby shower etiquette, you can be sure you will enjoy the baby shower you have planned!


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