Four Great Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Baby showers are exciting times but not everyone has the money to throw an extravagant party. The good news is that you do not need to – the idea is to share your pregnancy with your friends and get the tips from previous moms.

So, when it comes to baby shower decoration ideas, here are some that you can do on a budget.

Opt for a Small Tree

Instead of opting for lots of little pieces around the room, just have a centerpiece – a small tree. This is a great option that you can paint different colors – pink if it is a girl and blue if you know you are having a boy.


The idea of the tree is that it is the baby and small gifts, your ultrasound pictures and other small trinkets can be placed on the tree. The benefit is that this is simple and offers a great talking point for the guests.

Baby Bath Toys in Jello

Something fun for the dessert is always jello – it is safe for most people to eat. While you are making the jello, put some small baby bath toys in them. You will be able to add a few toys to one set of jello and it will definitely get everyone talking.

The benefit of this is that it is very cheap to do and you can keep the bath toys afterwards.

Baby Theme Place Cards

If you are having a meal with your friends, excellent baby shower decoration ideas will involve place cards. There are plenty of options that you can opt for, such as decoration for the time of year it is or the time of year that your baby will be born. Other great baby shower decoration ideas involve using baby items for the place cards. Use bottles or pacifiers instead of paper, which can be used afterwards when it comes to feeding the baby.

The Bun in the Oven Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Candy is extremely common when it comes to baby showers and while this is not really baby shower decoration idea, it can double up. A common phrase is “bun in the oven” so why not offer that as a gift or dessert? Make your own buns or ask someone else to do it for you and then wrap them up in different color wraps. When you hand them out, make sure there is a tag that states it is from your bun in the oven.

There are many different options available and there is no need to spend a lot of money on baby shower decoration ideas. Many can be made by yourself and all you need is a computer and some imagination. If you are struggling to think of something, ask your friends or family members for some ideas. If you are setting a shower up as a surprise for a friend, consider what she would like the most and what will help her set up the new life with her bun in the oven.


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