Are You Planning A Baby Shower? Here Is A Baby Shower Idea To Make It Most Memorable!

Baby ShowerAre you searching for a creative baby shower idea to make your upcoming baby shower as a most memorable moment?

Here is a great baby shower idea for a pregnant woman.

Baby shower idea for printing invitation:

While printing a baby shower invitation wording is most important.

Your baby shower invitation must include all the details such as, your name, date of the baby shower party, time of the party, location, phone number, and don’t forget to include a little poem at the beginning of the card.

Baby shower idea for decorating the place:

Baby shower would not be complete without baby shower decorations. You should consider few key aspects while decorating baby shower.

  • Stick to a particular baby shower theme. People often impressed when decorating with a selected theme.
  • Select appropriate baby themed tableware to serve food. Try to make sure that the plates, cups, and napkins all match.
  • Use effective banners and streamers. The most common is “it’s a boy or girl” streamers and attach them around the walls.
  • A baby shower cake is the most common attraction for a shower. Some other ideas are flower arrangements, baskets, and sprays.

Baby shower idea for games:

You can conduct more fun games at your baby shower party. Some of the baby shower ideas include:

  • Baby bingo: It can be played just like a normal bingo. Instead of numbers and letters you can place pictures of baby related items like bottles, storks, pacifiers, and carriages to make more fun.
  • The other game like, how fast you can drink from a baby bottle? You will think that it is an easy game, but is not that much. Take four or five baby bottle and fill them with any fluid. Give those bottles to some volunteers, and say drink. Whoever finish the bottle first will win.
  • Jumble baby words: Mix the baby related words and print it out on your computer. Then give a certain amount of time to the participants to unscramble as many words as possible. The person who gets greater count will win the game.

Baby shower idea for favors:

You can make your own baby shower favors to give to your guests. A baby shower idea to make the favors is:

Candy in bottle: Purchase some plastic bottles and fill them with nuts or candies. Your guests will appreciate these treats.

Cookie favors: You can make the cookie favors easily. You can get the cookie cutter shaped like a rubber duck, teddy bear, or any other baby item.

Themed soap favors: To make soap favors, you have to purchase a soap mold and a pot. Once you buy the mold, you can make as many favors as you wish.


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