You Can Get By On Just These 5 Baby Items

If you think that you are going to need a ton of stuff and lots of expensive new equipment, think again. According to this blog post, there are only 5 things that you really need for a new born baby.

Car Seat: This one you cannot get around; you simply have to have a car seat. For reasons of safety, you need to get a new one for your infant.

strollerCrib: Whether the baby is going to be in the parents’ bedroom or the nursery, it is a good idea to have the baby sleep in a crib, with fixed sides.

This makes for better baby safety as well as a more peaceful night for the parents who are not worried about baby being in bed with them

Stroller: This is another necessity for many: going to the market, to a restaurant, when traveling, a stroller or Quinny Pushchairs can be invaluable. Even a frame for the infant seat may be enough.

One personal note though; many women find that a kangaroo pack or baby carrier is as effective for when you are out or traveling; only problem being that you cannot set baby down anywhere.

Bouncy Seat: This one is also useful for a number of different instances. But here we do think that this is not one of the absolute necessities.

Baby Bottles: Even if you are breast feeding, keep a few bottles handy, for expressing milk when going out ; either with or without baby.


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