White Noise – What Is It And How Can White Noise Help Baby Sleep?

White noise is defined properly as a random signal (or process) with a flat power spectral density. If that does not make much sense to you; worry not.

The definition or meaning of the term is immaterial; what is important is that many believe white noise to be beneficial for those sleep deprived, harried parents who wish for their little one to have a restful sleep.

White noise machines are used as sleep aids for people with tinnitus as well as privacy enhancers. It is also claimed that white noise can help to block out distracting sounds from the immediate environment and aid concentration.

The idea is that white noise may help a baby fall asleep[baby sleep] and stay asleep; a valuable aid for those hapless parents who are trying their best to get their wide eyed infant to slumber land.

Consider the fact that the new born has a lot of challenge with and much to get used to in the big confusing world around her after her secure 9 month home of the womb where she was insulated from everything and never had to do a thing on her own. In the watery world of the womb, she was protected from sensory shocks and soothed by the noises of her mother’s bodily processes.

There was the steady strong, comforting heart beat of her mother always audible and next to her. Then there was the regular sound of the mother’s digestive processes which was also predictable and comforting.

Now into this confusing world of sensory overload, the baby has to work hard to soothe herself and get to restful sleep.

White noise can provide a continual and steady background sound that can help baby fall asleep. Some people even find that the steady whirring of a fan or the noise of a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner can help.

The steady sound of rushing water, or waves breaking on the seashore; even the sound of rustling leaves can help create an atmosphere of steady sound. This constant hum of sound can also help to mask out other noises that could disturb or startle the baby.

You can either buy CDs of white noise or buy white noise appliances or you can simply download white noise tracks from the internet.

For instance this sleep sheep, produces the sound of ocean surf, whale song, mother’s heart beat and spring flowers, with adjustable volumes. This sound machine also produces 12 different sounds of nature and lullabies to soothe baby to sleep. You can look at this website for free downloads of white noise such as the heartbeat and atmospherics.


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