Which Baby Prams are Better – New or Used?

One of the most important things that every parent thinks about before the little one arrives is to get baby prams. They come in numerous different forms and shapes, and while sometimes this is a good thing, other times it is overwhelming.

Baby-PramsFinancial aspects

You can find them for about $40 in case of the lightweight and simple umbrella strollers, but there are also those that cost about $400 and they come with more features and are strongly built, but they have reduced portability. The decision should be based on your budget. You have to consider how much you can spend, and then look for a pram that comes with everything that you need.

In case you are on a tight budget you might consider getting used strollers. These aren’t as expensive as the new ones, but they still have all the features that you are looking for.

Buying a used pram

Before you start searching for a pram that you would buy, first you have to think about the features that you would like the product to have. Once you get these, take a look at some strollers. Inspect them thoroughly, and make sure that they are clean and in good condition.

The components

When you are looking for prams for babies, the first thing that you have to inspect is the frame. You must make sure that the frame of the product is intact and strongly built. This is important because this way you can make sure that there will be no accidents or injuries involving the little one.

The stroller should have all the screws and these must be smooth to touch, so that the baby won’t get injured. Even if there are some loose screws, make sure that they can be tightened before the baby starts using the stroller. Make sure that there are no sharp edges. Regarding the frame, you also have to check for the handle to be tightly secured to the frame.


Some of the most often used parts of the pram are the wheels and this is why you have to check these as well. They shouldn’t be worn, shouldn’t need to be repaired and they have to move easily. In case there are inflatable wheels, they shouldn’t be flat. In our days it is also important for the stroller to have breaks as a safety measure. The breaks should hold the stroller in place and they should be easy to release.

New or old?

Both options have some advantages and disadvantages. In some cases it takes more time to find a used stroller that you like. On the other hand you can expect the new pram to be a lot more expensive than a used one.

There are a lot of problems that could occur regarding baby prams, but you should try not to complicate yourself and to keep things simple and stress free.


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