What on Earth is a Pee-Pee Teepee

baby daiperA pee-pee teepee is one among a long list of inventive but seemingly silly baby accessories dreamt up by some or other marketing genius.

Along with a diaper wipe warmer and other rather needless diapering accessories is the pee-pee tepee.

This is basically a conical little contraption that is supposed to be placed on the little baby boy’s appropriate genital area so that during process of changing a diaper, the care giver does not get ‘sprayed’ by an untimely and inadvertent contribution.

You can usually buy a set of 5, made from cotton and which will come in their little bad all their own and is available here for $12 for a set of 5 if anyone is interested.

Now this sounds really cute and it is easy to be tempted to buy it for a baby shower when you know it’s going to be a baby boy. But consider this, most people find this a reasonably futile purchase.

Those who have bought it have either used it rarely or find that baby knocks it off the moment he realizes it is there. However, if you go for the cute quotient or want a gag gift to give someone with a sense of humor; then by all means go ahead!


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