What Is A Car Seat Insert And Why Do You Need It For Your New Born?

Among the items for your new born that you really cannot do without is the Infant Car Seat, which is also required by law to be used each time you take your infant out in a car.

However for the time when baby is just too small or for the time that the baby has little or no motor control, an infant car seat insert is a good idea to use. This offers complete head and body support so that the normal jerks and bumps when driving don’t cause baby any problems.

The padding offers comfort and support for the head, neck and back and the head support is detachable as well as adjustable. It can also be used for strollers, other seats, swings, etc.

A discussion here about these infant seat inserts offers interesting insights on its use: it is not just for babies who are unable to hold up their heads; it can also be useful for when baby falls asleep and the head will inevitable loll to one side.

Many parents choose to use them until the time baby turns 6 months old or even 8 months of age, so long and baby is comfortable with it.


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