Using A Baby Pacifier! Is It Safe To Let Baby Have Pacifier?

Baby PacifierBabies want to suck as they are born. They even suck their thumbs and fingers.

Baby pacifier is used to comfort the baby. But, with baby pacifier, you can’t win.

If you give the baby pacifier to your baby, he won’t take it.

If you don’t want him to get attached to it, he desires for it.

In your family, some members insist to have baby pacifier. Some of the family members insist that if your baby uses it, she will be addicted to it.

Problems with pacifier! Many parents question whether they should introduce baby pacifier or not and so you are. Certainly, there are problems with baby pacifier.

Using pacifier at appropriate age is often on top of mind and regular use past the preschool years can have negative affect on oral development.

Advantage with pacifier! One thing is if you like it or not, baby pacifier has its place. If your baby uses pacifier, no need to feel guilty. There are advantages also in using pacifier.

Young babies often are need of non-nutritive sucking. That’s why some babies always want to be on the breast. They are not always nursing. But, they receive comfort from sucking.

But continuous sucking of the breast makes you exhausted and sore. For this reason, you stop breastfeeding. If you are feeding your baby, then use of baby pacifier between nursing sessions can provide comfort to the baby. This makes you relaxed for sometime.

Young babies cannot be self-soothed. You swaddle and sing to soothe your baby. But a baby pacifier self-soothes your baby.

Baby pacifier is also helpful for older babies to sleep longer at night. Once your baby no longer need nutrition feed at night, she replaces the pacifier back in her mouth and return to sleep once she learns how to replace the pacifier.

Each baby is different. Your baby is different from others. Some parents say that their babies began sleeping through the night by using pacifiers.

Many parents say that their older babies and toddlers are sleeping with the help of baby pacifier. Babies who use pacifiers only at bedtime often jump with excitement into their cribs, anxious to use the pacifier.

Keep in mind that if you stop the usage of baby pacifier, your baby starts thumb sucking. This is a habit that is much harder to break. You can throw away the baby pacifier but the thumb is there to stay. Some studies say that using baby pacifier reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Are you worried about your baby depending on baby pacifier? You can limit the use of baby pacifier as she grows older. Older babies and toddlers use a pacifier for sleeping or when they are sick.

If parenting guilt is distressing you, remember that your baby does not go to school or college with pacifier. Some day your child will give up the use of baby pacifier. Meantime, don’t worry. Baby pacifier is not that bad.


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