Why You should Use a Baby Positioner

A baby positioner is a device which helps prevent an infant from rolling on their stomach when they are asleep. It comprises a mat with cushions and bolsters on either side to hold the newborn in their right place when they are asleep.

However, there are certain consumer groups and government agencies which advise against the infant positioners as kids are often susceptible to suffocation. The wedge shaped baby positioners can be fixed under the mattress or within the crib for raising the head of the little one when they are asleep.

According to the manufacturers, the posiitoners correct refluxes and regurgitation of breast milk.

Baby PositionerUses of a Baby Positioner

The job of a positioner is also to help the toddler sleep comfortably especially when they suffer from sleep apnea, cold or colic.

However, it has often been seen that kids are prone to tumbling off the positioner wedge which could check their respiration or trap the face of the infant between the side of the crib and the wedge itself.

A cushion styled or bolster baby positioner prevents the rolling over of infants. It has been seen that kids have a high risk of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome when they sleep on their tummies. This is why experts recommend kids sleep on their backs.

SIDS is a common occurrence in the first 4 months of birth and has increasingly resulted in infant deaths. Using positioners like those which are made at home such as a blanket or a rolled towel can keep a baby on their back for a long time, without leading to them rolling over. Another way to prevent rolling is through swaddling. You may even purchase the safety blankets which contain a zipper to stop the blanket from covering the face of the child.

Wedge Positioners

Babies who suffer from apnea or congestion should be comfortable with the wedge positioners as it allows them to sleep at an angle of more than 30 degrees. If the baby suffers from reflux, their heads should stay elevated to prevent the milk from rising back from the esophagus, resulting in a spitting. The wedge shaped baby positioner can be positioned under the head of the mattress to help baby sleep at an angle.


A sleeping bolster is a change mat having a cylindrical cushion placed on either side. They help maintain the position of the sleeping baby to prevent them from rolling on their tummy. The positioner creates an extra level of snugness in the large ambience of the crib. As a result of developing the risk of SIDS, babies should always sleep on their backs. The bolsters have Velcro fasteners, and allow freedom of movement of your infant’s limbs.

There are different kinds of positioners available in the market. For instance, there are cribs with regular grownup pillows fixed under the mattress to increase the head end. While purchasing a baby positioner, make sure that you can clean it easily. You can go for the convenient options that can be washed in washing machines. The positioner is indeed a very practical necessity in the nursery.


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