Tips To Choose The Right Baby Carrier For Summer!

baby carrierYou can get burns with baby wearing in summer season. When two bodies press together, it generates lot of sweat and heat and with this your baby feels very uncomfortable.

If you select the baby carrier with very thick fabric, then it contributes the excess warmth.

So, choosing proper dressing based on the season and also selecting the right baby carrier can greatly help you and your baby to stay cool when the temperature is very high [Benefits of baby carrier].

Here are the things which help in selecting right baby carrier in the summer so that you can feel very much comfortable whenever you carry your baby.

The very first thing that you should be very careful about is, dress your baby according to the temperature. Always keep in mind that how much extra fabric that your baby carrier includes. It is better to wear a thin top if you feel very hot and wear your baby only a diaper.

Remember the thing that the baby carrier covers both of you and it makes you warmer. So, there is no need of much fabric to cover except when there is a wind.

Select the baby carrier that is made from a sturdy and thin material and that respires like a wicker bind, a cotton bag or a mesh sling. Don’t wear your baby in a swindle wrap when the temperature is 80 degrees outside [Choosing the right baby sling].

Choose the baby carrier that protects your baby from sunburn. Also, you will find waterproof material if you want to spend time in the pool. But, buying the waterproof material is a bit more expensive.

For most of the parents choosing the baby carrier is little bit tough because of the availability of different varieties and styles.

Here are some of the baby carrier types:

  • Traditional front-pack baby carriers: These can be easily adjustable for both you and your partner.
  • Backpack baby carriers: These are the best choice for outdoorsy parents. But they are made of sturdy material and are not suitable for summer weather.
  • Unpadded sling baby carrier: These are the most popular and can fit for most of the parents.
  • Padded sling baby carrier: You will find padded carriers in variety of styles and fabrics. But, using these baby carriers is some what difficult when compared to unpadded baby carriers.
  • Asian style baby carrier: They come in few styles and with different fabrics. You can use them both on your front or back. These are wonderful for newborns and smaller babies, but toddlers find them very restrictive.

So, before going to select the right baby carrier, it is better to try on different varieties by keeping your baby inside the carrier. It will be very easy for you to decide which one is the best.

You can also enquire other parents and ask them which type of carrier they prefer to use for their babies and know about their likes and dislikes about the carrier. You can also choose wide variety of styles when your infant baby grows from newborn to toddler.


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