Tips To Buy Safe Toddler Equipment

toddle equipmentAre you worried about the safety of toddler equipment?

When your baby begins to walk, you need to get a new set of equipment for her safety and happiness. They include: baby seat, beds, toys and furniture.

Here are some safety tips to consider when buying toddler equipment:

Baby seats: Baby seats are either rigid or molded plastic shells on plastic stands. These seats are designed to place your baby in a semi-upright position for feeding and interacting with your baby.

They provide rigid support for your baby and are very helpful to carry the baby easily. When buying the baby seats, you should consider the following:

  • Don’t buy a baby seat with slender wire frames or rockers in the back. They are likely to be unstable.
  • Don’t use the stand of the carrier as a handle. Rather carry the seats from below.
  • Don’t use the baby seat as a car restraint, unless specified.
  • Opt for a seat that has a non-skid bottom.
  • Search for equipment that has a base which is broader than the seat so that it gives great stability.
  • Buy a baby seat which has various adjustable positions.
  • Buy a seat that is easy to clean. The material should be made of vinyl or some other water-resistant substance.

Safe toddler bed: Choosing the right toddler bed makes the transition from crib to bed easy. Use the same bed and mattress to make the transition easier. Here are some important steps to consider when choosing the safe toddler bed:

  • Ensure that the bed is strong. Check the joints regularly, particularly if the baby jumps on it.
  • Buy a bed that is low on the ground so that your toddler can easily get into it.
  • Buy a toddler bed to which guardrails can be easily attached.
  • Choose a toddler bed that has a simple and effective design.

Safe toddler toys: There is abundance of toys for toddlers. However, it is essential to regularly check whether they are safe for your baby or not. Here are some tips for buying safe toddler toys:

  • Don’t buy toys that have broken pieces or sharp edges.
  • Be careful when buying wooden toys as they can pose choking hazards if the baby chews the toy.
  • Be careful about stuffed toys too, because the fur and the buttons can be easily removed by the baby.

Safe toddler furniture: There is a wide variety of choices available when considering toddler furniture.

When buying toddler furniture, the first and foremost thing is safety. Here are some tips to buy safe toddler furniture:

  • Don’t buy furniture with sharp edges as it can cause a hazard if the baby hits his head on the edge.
  • Furniture should be wide and sturdy.
  • Ensure that the furniture item that is painted is not toxic and is free of lead.
  • Furniture items such as high chairs, changing tables, feeding chairs and beds should include safety strips and guardrails to protect your baby from falling.


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