Tips For New Parents To Buy The Perfect Baby Monitor!

baby monitorBaby monitor is actually a radio transmitter that allows you to observe your baby without standing near the baby’s crib.

This is a compact and two-part gadget that has a transmitter and a receiver.

Baby monitor is particularly useful at the younger age of your infant.

The monitor alerts whenever your baby wakes up during the night, which means when he needs some changing, feeding or comforting.

Keep the monitor at a distance of 10 feet from your baby so that it can pick up any sounds like crying and moving.

Take the receiver along with you anywhere in the house and keep it plugged.

Most of the new models allow your baby to hear your soothing sound or allow you to see your baby with the help of a camera.

Tips to consider while buying baby monitor:

The monitor should be compact: Select the smaller model so that you can carry it around the house.

Buy a low battery indicator: Buy the monitor that alerts you whenever the battery needs replacement.

Buy sound activated light: If you are doing the chores like vacuuming the floor, watching TV, or calming another baby, then you cannot hear your baby’s whimpers. So, buy the monitor that activates a light whenever it detects the noise so that you can look at the monitor and notice that there is something happening.

Prefer to select the monitor with double receiver: Nowadays most of the monitors come with double receiver. They come in handy so that you can take it anywhere in the house or also when you go outside.

Select the monitor with right band width that is suitable for you: Select some high end designs, which provide a wide bandwidth for better clarity.

Adjustable volume control: Try to choose the monitor with adjustable volume. If you don’t want to hear every sound that your baby makes, then you can lower the volume.

Monitor that includes motion sensors: Search for a monitor which includes motion sensors as it can detect if the baby stops moving for some time in order to prevent SIDS.

Safety tips with baby monitor:

  • Avoid the adaptors, cords, and transmitters within your baby’s reach.
  • Every time keep the batteries fresh and recharge whenever it needs.
  • Never leave your baby unattended for greater amounts of time.
  • Don’t place the monitor near bathroom, kitchen or any other areas that are near to water.


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