Tips For Choosing A Safe Walker For Your Baby

baby walker1A walker for your baby is considered to be a staple when it comes to baby gear.

There are many types and styles on the market and finding one that will safely transport your baby around the house is vital.

Here are some tips that might make your decision an easier one.

Types of Baby Walkers

The new trend in baby walkers is having an activity center attached. You can choose from soft or hard activity centers, brightly colored with pictures or cartoons and designed with soft material for baby’s tender skin.

A popular choice in a baby walker is one that folds so that it is easily stored in the car when you are traveling.

Be careful of being lured by the design and forgetting about the baby safety. The best advice you can follow is to research the types of walkers you are interested in purchasing and finding unbiased reviews from other parents and watchdog organizations. Sometimes the trendy walkers can be quite dangerous.

Other baby walker choices are ones that don’t have wheels but will bounce and rotate. These are fairly safe as baby can’t get too far without help from you.

Once Baby is on the Move

Once your baby is utilizing a walker with wheels if that is your preference, there are a few precautionary measures to make your baby walker experience a safer one. All electrical switches and plugs that are within baby’s reach should be covered.

Drawers and cabinets are almost impossible for baby to resist so be sure you keep them firmly latched so baby doesn’t go exploring in the cleaning supplies or utensil drawers.

You might want to remove any furniture that has sharp edges or go shopping and get soft edge inserts to avoid any injury to baby.

Do a sweep of all surfaces that have valuable or breakable items and place them high out of baby’s reach. Be careful when you are cooking or carrying hot items as baby may bump into you and get scalded or badly burned.

You can also close the doors to rooms where you don’t want baby to roam such as your bedroom and the bathroom.

You can even use a baby gate to confine your child’s movements further. Be sure all doors leading to the outside are locked or secured so that baby doesn’t go exploring out in the world where he doesn’t yet belong alone.


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