6 Useful Tips to Buy Baby Pacifier

If you are a parent who is looking to provide comfort to your baby then pacifier is a good option for you.  A pacifier is basically a nipple with a handle that babies can use for entertainment and keeping themselves calm. The sucking of the nipple can pacify the baby when he/she is irritated.

But how to choose a baby pacifier? There are many different types of pacifiers such as multiple piece pacifiers, single piece pacifiers, novelty pacifiers, stuffed animal pacifiers and feeding pacifiers etc. Thus with so many varieties it can get difficult to select the perfect one for your baby. The following are some of the best tips to buy a baby pacifier:

tips to buy baby pacifier

1. Size

Pacifiers are usually divided on the basis of age groups. For example, they are either for 6 months or younger babies, 6 to 18 months babies and 18 months or older babies. Thus you must choose the pacifier depending upon the current age of your baby.  It must neither be too big nor too small for your baby.

2. Making

Make sure that the making of the baby pacifier is correct. The nipple must not detach itself too easily on a pull or the plastic material must not get chipped off easily. Also, it must have no pointed edges etc. Choose a one which is designed as a single piece.

3. Material of Nipple

One of the most important things to pay attention to while buying a pacifier is the material of the nipple. Some common materials include silicon and latex. But even hard plastic is used in some of the pacifiers.  Latex must be avoided if your baby has latex allergy.

4. Guard Type

The guard or the shield used in the pacifier should be atleast 1 ½ inches in size. The guard prevents the baby from putting the nipple in his mouth and choking. The guard must also have ventilation holes as they allow the air to circulate.

5. Washable

The pacifier that you buy must be washable in nature as it spends most of its time in your baby’s mouth and must be clean and sterile on all occasions. Choose one which can be boiled in water or a dishwasher safely.

6. Color

It is important to choose a colored pacifier since they are easy to locate when misplaced. Pacifiers often get lost and in order to find them easily, get the brightest possible color.


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