These Herbs can be used in your Baby Products!

Herbs and natural products are always regarded as a better alternative over chemical products which are usually harsh. Using herbs in baby products would indeed be useful if the right ones are used as they are a natural ingredient and do not cause any side effects.

Before you decide to use herbs in baby products, you should know which ones are safe to be used, so that no side effects or allergies happen to your baby. Read more to know which herbs are safe to be used in baby products and which herbs should be used in which products.

herbs can be used in your baby products

Chamomile Flowers for Diaper Cream

You can use Chamomile flowers along with coconut oil, shea butter and calendula flower with zinc oxide powder in proper proportions according to the skin condition and type of your baby and mix it in order to make a natural diaper cream so that the skin stays dry and fresh and diaper rashes are avoided. These ingredients are used because they have healing and anti-bacterial properties.

Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood powder has effective antifungal properties and it soothes irritation and redness. Hence, this herb can be used as a baby powder directly so that your baby stays fresh and active.


Basil has a lot of antifungal and healing properties and the juice of these leaves can indeed be used in baby oils and lotions so that their skin stays fresh.


Chamomile can be used as a tincture for babies and kids in order to soothe the pain caused while teething.

Coconut Oil for Massage

You can use coconut oil directly for massaging your baby every morning before giving him or her bath so that the development and strengthening of bones can be promoted.


Raw and fresh honey can be added to the regular food of your baby or the cereals which you feed him or her as honey has got a lot of anti-bacterial properties which help your child stay away from stomach infections.

Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood paste can be used while making homemade baby soaps as using it is very healthy for the skin of your child. Sandalwood has got properties which can protect your child’s skin from infections and dryness. Sandalwood has also got a lot of anti-fungal properties and soothes he skin in case irritation or burning of the baby’s sensitive skin takes place.


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