The Bumbo Baby Seat – A Good Idea?

At first, the sight of this baby seat looks rather like a small baby’s potty – the kind that sits independently on the floor and which has a built in receptacle that can be removed for cleaning. However a bumbo baby seat is supposed to help babies sit up when they are not old or strong enough to sit upright supporting themselves.

Bumbo Baby SeatThe seat is supposed to be for babies at that in-between stage to offer support. It is molded from lightweight material and has a round base, a slightly raised back and two leg openings.

On the side of the seat are two handles so that the seat can be carried around so you could say that the seat is fairly portable.

Babies of up 22 pounds, ranging from 3 to 14 months can sit in it.

However this seat attracts some amount of concern and also supports from the masses.

The concerns

The first point raised is that there is really no need to buy such a product and the time frame within which the baby will actually be able to use it is limited to some months at best. Baby can sit in this seat only after he or she is able to support their head and then it can be used for a limited period of time.

Also there is really nothing that special about this bumbo baby seat. It is chair made out of molded plastic for babies and is not a particularly inventive or useful design.

Actual concern is also expressed by certain experts such as orthopedics – it is a considered view that if a baby cannot yet sit up unaided, then there is a reason for it. That reason usually is that baby is not yet ready to sit up and if so, why should he or she be made to sit before they are ready. Pushing baby may actually cause harm rather that assist development.

Another concern raised is that the product comes equipped with no seat belt or harness of any kind. This seat is not meant for unsupervised use by a baby and also is dangerous if set on a raised surface of any kind, greatly limiting its use.

Support for the bumbo baby seat

Regardless of the concerns and criticism, there are parents who have used the seat, who do recommend it as useful and comfortable for baby; and something that babies themselves quite enjoy being in. It can be used as a sort of booster seat for the home as well as restaurants.

Since the bumbo baby seat is made from non toxic foam is it is safe and easy to clean as well. The bright colors of the seat make it an attractive thing for babies as well. Sturdy and durable construction means that it is not something that will go to pieces easily, so if it is bought for a first child, it may well last for subsequent siblings as well.


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