The Baby Book – For Fond Remembrances

baby bookNow that your little bundle of joy has arrived you doubtlessly want to remember and preserve every little detail, every milestone, basically everything that your baby did for posterity.

A baby book is not just for the parents, it can be a great thing for your baby to read, when he or she is old enough to do so.

A baby book is something that one needs to get when one is preparing for the baby to arrive; getting organized all the things that you will require for when the baby is born.

That way you have the book ready to record things about the baby right from the time he or she takes his or her first breath!

It keeps a record of all the details: The baby book is a convenient place to jot down all the vital statistics of your new born: weight, height, head circumference, date, place and time of birth, and the APGAR score of your neonate etc.

A good baby book will have printed places for you to fill in all this information. Many baby books also have an immunization chart which can help you keep track of what’s been done and what is due when.

All the stats are conveniently and concisely organized in one place! You can paste baby’s first picture, a first hand and footprint, et el!

It helps you record all of the firsts: The first time your baby smiles at you, is matchless: it is the moment that so thrilled you, you never want to forget it. A baby book helps you keep a record of that one, precious, matchless moment.

With a new baby, there are incredible firsts everyday: the first tooth, the first belly laugh, the first time baby sat up without help, the first time baby sucked his toe, the all important first unaided step… the list is endless.

Plus babies do a lot of incredibly adorable, incredibly silly things, such as when baby inadvertently got hold of a clump of her own hair and kept pulling it, and crying in pain, not realizing that she was causing her own pain! You may want to record of these adorable little episodes for times to come!

Do it for all your children: Many parents will tell you that they painstakingly wrote down everything for the first baby and then sort of lost steam for each subsequent baby.

Remember if you do it for one, do it for each baby. It is something that baby will truly cherish when baby is not a baby anymore!


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